We see it as our duty and responsibility to be careful with the valuable resources of our planet earth. Sustainable development is a pattern of resource use for living and operating in a long lasting manner that is positive for present and future generations.

By energy-efficiency we understand commitment of energy-efficient technology with the aim to achieve maximum utility.

Worldwide travelling

for Energy Efficiency

Worldwide travelling for Energy Efficiency

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Andreas Waldschütz in Contact with different countries

Andreas Waldschütz in Contact
with different countries

Focusing the situation of a developing country

Focusing the situation of a developing country


Formation of the company Waldschütz by Carl Waldschütz. Subject matter was business with solid fuels and products for agriculture.

The energy market was revised in the course of economic recovery. Complete Service by the company Waldschütz: >> Building services >> Delivery of fuel oil


Sparing energy is now subject of public discussion. The club of Rome demonstrates that energy is not infinite. Our company offers not only fuels but also service for heating systems. Target is to optimize these systems.


Andreas Waldschütz who studied energy technology and economics is manging the company in the third generation.

The use of our high level technology know how in daily contact with the customers makes sure that we realize solutions in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Years Company Waldschütz

100 Years Waldschütz

Anniversary 100 Years Company Waldschütz
Invest correctly: Commit innovative solutions today for tomorrow.

History: Carl Waldschütz founded the company 100 years ago as a banking house. Soon business was expanded to a commercial transaction of fuels.

In the global economic crises in 1929 the banking house had no chance without hedge. Many clients thought they had lost money which they had put aside. But Anna Waldschütz, family member of a cigar manufacturer, gave her private asset to many investors out of benevolence.

100 Years Waldschütz

Today’s director Andreas Waldschütz, trained in energy technology and business economics, sets on environment advantages consequently with a new course of energy-efficiency and regenerative energy.

This is why the core values of Waldschütz are ethics, responsibility, resource efficiency, intensive management of innovation as well as efficient and effective acting.