Energy Efficiency





Take an apple, take a bite and throw out the rest. This is the contemporary engineering of the great power plants, no matter if they produce the electricity with carbon or nuclear. More than two thirds of the applied energy remains unused.

This looks different with the cogeneration: The apple gets eaten completely. Why ? Block heat and power plants achieve the applied energy almost completely.

Electric current producing heating system

The microgas turbine is a new development in this field: Exhaust gas by combustion will be transformed in rotatory motion. The generator takes this energy and transforms it in electric current.


Cogeneration: "Electric current producing heating system"
Galileo HEXIS mit Andreas Waldschütz

Galileo Hexis Fuel cell system with Andreas Waldschütz

Cogeneration in an Administration Building, Stuttgart

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell

Fuel cell technologie, a brand new energy for a global energy economy. Heat and power from fuel cells: compelling advantages.

It is supposed that this “Clean Electricity” will become up to the year 2020 an important player in the transforming process for a new energy age.

Family Home:

An electricity producing heating system with power in the range of 1 to 2 kW electric is providing a low-energy consumption house merely total with energy. The energy suppliers has only to care for the remaining demand.

In the case of an old house, we need a supplement traditional heater for the very cold days in winter.

Retired homes, sport facilities, hotels:

In the case of heat need in sommer we recomend a modulating plant in the range of 10 to 100 kW electric. As an result, the operating hours will encrease and the degree of efficiency is very high. There are support programs in different countries of the world.